About Karlene Lindsay Designs

Established in 2012.

Karlene Lindsay Designs is in the business of satisfying the needs of its customers and producing the high-quality wedding dresses in the Fashion Industry.  Karlene Lindsay-Worrell is the CEO/Designer of Karlene Lindsay Designs. Karlene started sewing at the age of 9... sewing a pleated skirt by hand in Jamaica.   Years after she had opened her own studio at home where she sews garments like kids school uniforms, office wear, dancehall outfits, curtains, throw pillows and bed linens.  Between that time and now she'd been honing her skill. 

After studying at Gibbs College in Norwalk, CT for two years, she got the idea to start making bags.  Showing her mother the bags she made, her mother suggested she start her own business, selling bags to friends and family at bag parties hosted by friends.  She later went back to her passion, clothing.

Her items of clothing have been featured in numerous fashion shows like NYFW, Connecticut Fashion Week, Jersey City Fashion Week, Great Lakes Fashion Week and more throughout the country while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. We also have been featured in numerous media outlets (Fox 8 News, Nj.com, Bristol Observer and Luevo.com). Jenise Durant was on the cover of P.I.F.F. magazine wearing her winning dress made by Karlene Lindsay Designs. 

She now branched out into building her own website to display her work. We specialize in Customize Wedding Dresses for that dream wedding.  Karlene Lindsay Designs can also be found on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.  We offer our customers customized quality wedding dress designs at affordable prices.

What we offer is unique custom designs for all sizes

If you are looking for luxurious custom designs without breaking the bank then look no further.  We offer customers a diverse range of designs to choose from. If you are looking for a one of a kind bridal gown we have you covered.  Looking for an original unique design created around your personal taste and size?  You’re in luck!!  

Here at Karlene Lindsay Designs, we offer custom designs to suit your needs.  Customers will also receive an exclusive one-on-one consultation with the designer to not only enhance your shopping experience but to ensure you will receive your desired look and adds a personal touch. 

If you do not find the item that suits your personal style in our selection, we can work with you to custom design an item that meets your needs.  Book an Appointment now to set up your one on one consultation so we can custom create your one-of-a-kind Wedding dress. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have @ (475-441-4025

Ceo/Designer- Karlene Lindsay-Worrell       Blogger- Tamarah Brown

Blogger-Tamarah Brown


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